Sunday, 27 February 2011

Belle of the Ball | Caz & Brady

The tears hadn’t started… until it was time to open her present.

Well it wasn’t just one present, it was more like one of those babushka dolls… first a handbag he’d picked himself, inside that a thick woollen jumper she wanted.

And then she saw it.

The perfect aqua box that held a tiny charm for her bracelet. The tears started. He’d had it engraved to say ‘I Love You’ and on the back, his initials.

Caz & Brady are high school sweethearts and they met at Caz’s debutante ball. As Brady puts it “she was the hottest girl in the room.” She quickly became so much more.

On their wedding day, Caz took his breath away.

As he laid eyes on her walking down the aisle it was his turn for tears although he’d told me he ‘wasn’t the crying type’. He couldn’t look at her but he also couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

I am lucky enough to call this fabulous couple my friends and I couldn’t be happier to show off their photos as my first blog post.

Caz & Brady… I hope you’re having fun on your honeymoon in Fiji and I can’t wait to show you all your photographs when you get back.

Caz & Brady's wedding suppliers:
Dress: Baccini & Hill
Bridesmaids Dresses: Briony Marsh
Suits: Eddy Elias Menswear, Geelong
Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Torquay
Reception: Front Beach Cafe, Torquay

Caz. Stunning.

Caz was such a well organised bride she even had a handkerchief in Brady's pocket "in case he gets hot and sweaty." The only thing it wiped away were the tears!

Charlie LOVED the lolly bar

Introducing the amazing little Archie! Caz & Brady's brand new nephew (and my dear friends Sarah & Matt's bundle of joy) was only six days old at the wedding and was perfect in every way.

One of my faves...


  1. Christina Stoertebecker28 February 2011 at 10:59

    Love the story, very sweet!! And the sunnies photo and the all the pics on the beach are beautiful... x

  2. Such great shots Verity. An awesome wedding to shoot and lovely romantic images. Tops.