Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunshine | Jae & Ash

The forecast predicted afternoon showers. Not ideal for a beach wedding!

When it was time to put the dress on the heavens opened and the bridesmaids did their bit to ease Jae’s anxiety “At least it’s raining now and not at 3.30pm.”

As Jae arrived at the inlet off Angelsea Beach the clouds were dark and the wind was full of sand.

And then, right as Jae finally got to Ash, the sun came out. It shone over them and their friends and families. And it shone bright.

Jae and Ash’s wedding was everything a wedding should be… intimate, emotional, personal and oh so fun!

I’ve been lucky enough to also shoot the weddings of two of Jae and Ash’s bridal party and they are such a fabulous group of friends. I had an amazing day with all of them and can’t wait to photograph more weddings you will all be at.

Have an awesome time in America and have fun renewing your vows in Vegas!!

Jae & Ash’s wedding suppliers:
Dress: Made by a friend
Celebrant: Kylie Behr
Reception: Deakin Lakehouse, Waurn Ponds

Ha ha... I told you I would put this on!!

Ash's dad was just a little bit proud...


Ash had friends visit from Tokyo and they gave them a traditional Japanese wedding card

This is what weddings are all about...