Friday, 7 October 2011

Daisy Days | Nicky & Evie

This shoot almost didn’t happen.

It was a Thursday morning and I had grand plans for an early(ish) shoot so I could capture the gorgeous golden light peeking through the long grass and little Evie frolicking in the field (ok so she might be a bit small to frolic but you know what I mean!).

I woke up that morning to dark skies and a damp ground so I thought we’d have to call the shoot off. Lucky for me my beautiful friend Nicky was still keen to head out despite the cold and I’m so glad we did. We might not have had sunshine but by golly I had good models and little Evie was an angel.

We laughed, we played, we made funny noises and we picked flowers.

Nicky, I hope you love these pics as much as I loved taking them and I can’t wait to get many more as little Evie grows up.

I love you both to pieces.

Love this...

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