Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer Romance | Caitlin & Adam

I always ask my couples how they met.

I think Caitlin & Adam have the best story I’ve heard.

It started in a bar… with a glance across the room. By the end of the night, Caitlin worked up the courage to talk to Adam. She told him where she’d be the next day with her friends and left the rest up to him.

The next day she waited but he never came.

A year later they were introduced through friends (ironically at the same place he was supposed to meet her) and so began, as they call it, their amazing summer romance.

They spent every weekend in Apollo Bay together and completely fell in love.

Caitlin had planned a year overseas and while it was hard to leave Adam, she was determined to go. After a year, she returned but their lives had changed.

On a whim a few years later, Caitlin emailed him to catch up and they haven’t been apart since.

On their wedding day, you could see how in love they were. 

With the amazing Inglewood Estate as the backdrop, they had every detail covered but more importantly, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

Caitlin & Adam, I hope you have a well deserved relaxing honeymoon and enjoy your sneak peek!

** I was lucky enough to have my beautiful friend Christina Prochazka from Chrisp Pictures shoot with me on the day. To see her photos from Caitlin & Adam’s wedding, click here.

Caught writing the wedding card just before the ceremony!

Adam's Grandfather is 90 years young and I wanted to take him home with me!

So a simple "smile for the camera" shot just wasn't working. We got this instead...

I love this one...

This is also a favourite.

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