Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love & Light | Kathryn & Dale

When you plan a wedding there are a few things you hope don’t happen.

35+degree heat is one of them.

Well Kathryn and Dale (Or Ned to his mates) got just that for their Dookie wedding in January. And they rocked it.

As a photographer, I always feel terrible dragging the couple and bridal parties through the rain for photos but I think this was tougher. Your mind goes to mush and so does the makeup, hair and the boys in their suits.

Not once did anyone complain.

I meet a lot of couples and I can honestly tell you Kathryn & Ned are perfect for each other.

They are, above all else, mates. And I love that!

I normally have to make people feel comfortable then pull out some jokes to get them laughing but instead, I watched them laugh, smiled behind the camera and captured it all.

Do you know my favourite part? When Kathryn got to the end of the aisle, the first thing Ned said to her was “You’re so hot.”

What girl doesn’t want to be told that by her husband?

Kathryn & Ned, I love you guys and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos.

Ned's nephew drew him this picture for his wedding day. So cute!


  1. This wedding made me smile! My fav shot by far is the one with them against the wall with all the junk. It's AMAZING!!!!

  2. Stunning photos of a gorgeous bridal party!! I loved them all - looks like an amazing day, congratulations guys!! Ginger & Mint - your subjects make it look easy - but you are obviously creative & talented photographers. Ronnyne

  3. Oh my! So wonderful to see Thorpy so happy. Gorgeous photos Vez xo

  4. Amazing photos Verity, the bride looks so stunning and happy in each photo you captured! Obviously they were very relaxed with you, credit to you and your amazing talent!