Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sweet Disposition | Renee & Nick

Renee is me in another body.

From the first phone call and email I could tell we were similar. We also share a mutual friend so there was always a chance we’d have a lot in common but oh boy!

When we were arranging for our first catch up, we decided to do a “group date” because Renee told me Nick can be a bit shy. She then described herself as being able to “talk to a brick wall.” I loved her instantly!

There were a lot of OMG’s, exclamation marks, capital letters and hilarious emails between us in the lead up to their wedding and I knew the day would be perfect.

It certainly didn’t disappoint!

Jack Rabbit Estate was the perfect setting for this beach couple who wanted a relaxed party that would just happen to double as their wedding.

Having been together for 6 years, they have collected an amazing group of mates who made it feel like I was on the set of “Friends”…. only with a cast of 50! The dance floor was jam packed from the first song and with a box of props shared around all night; there were plenty of photo opportunities.

I have been on a lot of dance floors in my time and this one topped the list. If I had a cocktail dress and heels in my car, I might just have changed into them and joined the party (NB: I MAY have danced a little anyway).

I also have to make a special mention of Renee’s parents who share the same wedding date as Renee & Nick and were celebrating their 33rd anniversary.

Renee & Nick, I am SO glad Nathan put us in touch and I can’t wait to see you soon. A huge thanks to your family and friends for welcoming me into your day and making me feel like a guest. You are all awesome!

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