Friday, 16 March 2012

Time of their Lives | Trudie & Nathan

You may remember I was lucky enough to photograph Amanda & Dom’s wedding in the Greek Islands last year.

Well, while my husband and I were sunning ourselves by the pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, we also met Trudie & Nathan.

They had been living Overseas and were moving home to Melbourne after a little holiday on the way. They were also getting married.

We joked it was fate.

I have been so looking forward to sharing their day since we met them and it was better than I ever imagined.

Trudie was more than excited in the morning. She was literally jumping around the house with her gorgeous bridesmaids because she couldn’t wait to get married.

Arriving at Stones of The Yarra Valley, her smile was ear-to-ear.

Once they were pronounced man and wife, we wandered around the grounds for photos.

These two are such great mates, which made them the perfect models. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I loved it!

Now to their bridal waltz. Best. Ever.

They had a few lessons and learnt a dance that resembled the final scenes of Dirty Dancing. Minus the “Nobody puts baby in the corner” part. There were spins, dips and lifts. And it brought the house down!

I also have to pay a special mention to Nathan’s Nanna who, at 84 years old, was one of the first ones on the dance floor. I told her I hoped I was still dancing like her when I was her age.

Trudie & Nathan, we were so lucky to meet you that day in Oia and now to call you our friends. Will call you to do dinner. Maybe we’ll go for Greek…

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  1. Congratulations Trudie and Nathan! What a stunning wedding and so beautifully photographed!

    Best wishes,
    Karen Willis Holmes