Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Farmer Found A Wife | Cara & Lindsay

Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes not much.

All brides are different in how much they contact me in the lead up to their wedding.

Cara & Lindsay emailed me only a couple of times, it would have to be a record for being relaxed!

Cara was so easy going and I think that’s why I loved their wedding so much... she even forgot to turn up for a fitting three weeks before the wedding! The dress maker laughed and said it was a first.

Putting her dress on just 15 minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle still didn’t shake her. Me, I was like a duck… calm on the surface but working overtime underneath!

Now let’s talk about the lipstick! Oh how I love a coloured, bold lipstick and Cara’s was stunning. She even collaborated with her florist to ensure her flowers complimented it. Ah-mazing.

Following their beautiful ceremony, and large amounts of confetti being tossed in the air, we wandered through Carlton Gardens for photos then onto the reception at Fitzroy Town Hall.

When I arrived, I did some quick lens changing and setting up before searching for the bride and groom.

I found them in the pub across the road.... having a quiet beer. Just the two of them.

I think that’s what struck me most about Cara & Lindsay… they genuinely love spending time together. As each other’s best friend.  

I loved loved loved photographing your wedding Mr & Mrs Knight and we will definitely be having a catch up soon. I need to hear how the rest of the night and your crazy awesome dancefloor was!

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