Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lucky In Love | Ashleigh & Dale

There were no black cats and we didn’t walk under ladders.

But it was Friday 13th.

Some may say unlucky but, as Ashleigh says, “What’s better luck than marrying the man of your dreams?”

With the sun shining, Ashleigh arrived, as did Channel 7 who were there to interview her because, well… you know, it was Friday 13th.

They laughed their way through their ceremony, reading their personalised vows, only to find they almost wrote exactly the same thing!

After a stroll along the beach for photos, everyone had worked up a bit of an appetite and since the food van was there, it was potato cakes all round.  So good!

Their reception was at the gorgeous Sails on the Bay in Elwood and when you choose a venue overlooking the water, you hope you get a nice sunset. Well they got the perfect sunset. Seriously perfect!

Ashleigh & Dale… I hope you had as much fun as I did (although from the looks on your faces I’m sure you had even more) and I just know Friday the 13th will always be good luck for you both.

Ashleigh & Dale's Wedding Suppliers:
Ceremony: Green Point, Brighton
Reception: Sails on the Bay, Elwood

Shoes: Alan Pinkus
Jewellery: Ashleigh's Nan's pearls
Bridesmaid Dresses: Seduce
Suits: David Marcs
Florist: Family friend
Hair: Rachel Smith
Make Up: B4 Beauti
Rings: Michael Hill
Celebrant: Corinne from A Day To Remember

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  1. So beautiful! Every single photo is amazing. I love your photography and look forward to booking a session one day. Xx