Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Forever | Kate & Paul

Some things are the same.

Kate is in a white dress, Paul is in a suit and they’re smiling with excitement.

But a little bit has changed.

Firstly, there are no blonde tips in Paul’s hair and secondly, they’re a few years older.

Kate & Paul did their debutante ball together in high school and just a few weeks ago, they got all dressed up again and were married.

On their picture perfect Autumn day in Echuca, Kate arrived at the church and the first thing Paul said to her when he saw her was “You look smokin’” Isn't that the best?!

Having been together for 11 years, they are so comfortable with each other. It's the way he brushes her hair out of her eyes and the way they bear-hug when no one is watching. Paul laughed at how shy he used to be around her, too scared to talk to the pretty girl. Now they just fit. Perfectly.

With a bridal party who are all great mates, it made for a brilliant day all round. We had plenty of fun trying to keep Kate's veil from flying around and at times we even had to hold onto the train of her dress and wait for the breeze to pass. 

And then there was the colour of the sunlight when we arrived at Morrisons Winery. It was bright orange and an absolutely gorgeous finale to a gorgeous day.

Kate & Paul, I am so glad to have met you and been there to photograph your wedding. I hope you had a fabulous honeymoon in Europe and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Kate & Paul's Wedding Suppliers:

Reception: Morrisons Winery, Echuca
Shoes: Zu
Jewellery & Veil: Baccini & Hill
Bridesmaid Dresses: Hills in Hollywood
Suits: Spurling
Florist: Cobram Florist
Make Up: Sally Williams

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  1. what a fabulous couple!!! you guys look amazing, wonderful photgraphy! CONGRATULATIONS. Melxx