Friday, 22 June 2012

Raining Leaves | Stacey & Matt

There are moments at weddings you remember vividly.

On Stacey & Matt’s wedding day it happened on location, in Fitzroy Gardens.

The morning started out a crisp Autumn day, sun shining but by the time we arrived for the ceremony, the dark clouds were hovering and during the service, it poured.

Right as they were announced man and wife, the rain stopped and as we arrived at Fitzroy Gardens, arms filled with umbrellas, we managed 45 minutes of dryness. Honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

On our way back to the cars, it happened.

It rained leaves.

No gust of wind, just a light whistling noise and thousands of autumn leaves fell from the trees. It was like a scene from a movie.

Stacey & Matt are so beautiful together. Every time Stacey thought about him in the morning her eyes filled with tears and while we were taking photos he was telling her how gorgeous she was. I just loved that.

Another thing I loved… Stacey’s red lipstick. Oh wow! I’m new to the coloured lipstick scene so when I saw this beauty I knew I had to add it to my very little collection. Stacey did a lot of research into the perfect shade and settled on Napoleon Perdis’ Xenia. It was incredible.

Stacey & Matt, your wedding was the perfect end to my wedding season and I had such a great day! Can’t wait to see you again soon and meet your four-legged kids. 

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  1. Oh my gosh-- these photos just catch Stace n Matt perfectly for me!
    I have a tear rolling down my cheek just looking at them!!!

    Stacey- soooooooo unbelievably beautiful! And Matt u spunk!!

    Great photos.. Greaaaat photos...
    These capture u guys perfectly.. Love!!

    Great work.