Friday, 1 June 2012

What Better Day | Annie & Brad

It started off as a “what if.”

What if they surprised everyone and got married at their engagement party?

It all seemed to make sense... they were home for a holiday (they live in London), Brad’s brother and his family were in Australia visiting (they live in Seattle), and they had all their favourite people in the one place.

So the secret was set and the plans were in motion.

There were only a select few who knew the plans. Annie’s sister who helped coordinate everything, Brad’s parents as it was being held at their house, Brad’s brother and me.

Annie didn’t even tell her parents until the day before the party. As Annie described it, living overseas all their “milestone moments” were shared via Skype and this was one thing she wanted to tell her parents in person. They were delighted although her Dad was disappointed he couldn’t wear his jeans to the party!

Their guests arrived around 2pm and by 3pm it was time for “speeches.” Brad thanked everyone for coming and told them they had finally set a wedding date. “What better day than today?” Everyone was shocked… it was brilliant!

Fifteen minutes later, Annie walked down the aisle.

These two are ridiculously in love. And I loved photographing them.

I mean, how fabulous is Annie’s short dress, and her homemade bouquet, and her minimal hair and make up (didn’t want to give the surprise away!). Then there were her shoes. Oh her shoes. I think I need a pair just the same.

Annie & Brad… I know I told you on the night how much I loved shooting your wedding but I did. I really, really did.

You are such genuine, kind and loving people (as are your friends and family) and I couldn’t have been more lucky to be chosen as your photographer.

This is one of my favourites ever. Enjoy.

A friend who couldn't make it sent them a video. They watched it just before their guests arrived...


  1. love, love everything about this!!!

  2. beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple. xx


  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful couple xxxx
    Al and Sue

  5. Such brilliant photo's. They are gorgeous and a beautiful wedding.
    Congratulations again.
    Lots of Love
    Kristy & Travis