Thursday, 14 June 2012

Where They Belong | Kristin & Jason

At a newspaper I once worked at, we had ‘initiation questions’ for all new photographers and journos during their first lunch break.

They were:

“What would your autobiography be titled?”
“Who would play you in a movie about your life?” 

We believed these two simple questions could reveal a lot about someone. When a young Kristin arrived and was put on the spot, her answers were: 

“Condiments Girl” 
“Elle MacPherson. Because we clearly look very similar”

Needless to say there was silence around the table. What we didn’t know then is Kristin (a.k.a Fav) has an interesting sense of humour, and a very disturbing love of sweet chilli sauce!

She quickly became a key part of our tight knit team and remains, many years later, one of my closest friends.

We used to joke she was like the sister I always wanted… only there’s NO WAY she would have dressed up in tutus with me and let me braid her hair because, while she loves shoes and clothes, she's not exactly a pink tulle type of girl.

Fav & Jase met through a mutual friend and it didn’t take long to work out how great they are together.

On a chilly day in May, they were married on their property in Euroa surrounded by their friends and family (and a number of their much loved animals).

Fav… I could not be happier you found your perfect guy in Jase. You deserve everything great the world has to offer and I look forward to many more fabulous times together.

Jase… I never thought Fav would find a guy who could make her look ‘tame’ and you do! You are more than she ever dared dream of and as her friend, I can see how much she adores you. You are the best.

Christina (Chrisp Pictures) and I LOVED shooting your wedding Fav & Jase, and I hope our photographs do your day justice. It was one hell of a party.

Love you both to bits!


  1. omg!! love, love, love them so much!!! there are way too many faves!!!! xxx

  2. Katherine Jamison14 June 2012 at 17:12

    I agree! I wanted to be able to comment on individual shots til i realised I wanted to comment on pretty much ALL of them!! Such a good job - well done :) KJ

  3. Amazing Vez! I love them all, SO much!!! L xx

  4. Just beautiful Vez!