Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Paradise | Sarah & Dan

I love destination weddings. 
Love. Love. Love.
Sure, I love them because I had one, but now, as a photographer, I love when people tell me they have chosen to go somewhere special for their special day.
Sometimes it’s just a drive away; sometimes it’s a bit further.
Dan & Sarah chose their favourite place in the world, Vietnam.
(High fives all ‘round!)
These two are friends of ours (that being my husband and I) so we know them as Reidy & Roachy. (When I got their text to say they were engaged, it took me a minute to figure out who “Dan & Sarah” were!)
So with our group of mates, we made the journey to Vietnam to celebrate.
The week leading up to the wedding was full of fabulous things… the girls all went to a cooking school for the Hen’s Party, while the boys played golf. We spent hours swimming, drinking cocktails, eating delicious food and of course, at the tailors! 
The day of the wedding came around fast and in the morning the bridal party met up for breakfast with the girls dressed in the traditional Vietnamese Áo dài
By 8am it was already hot. Really, really hot.
Like, can’t-walk-five-steps-without-looking-like-you’ve-just-been-swimming, hot.
Because of the weather, we decided to do photographs before the ceremony so everyone had a chance to shower and change (being in Vietnam all the outfits except Sarah’s dress were made there so the bridesmaids had two dresses and the boys had a change of shirt, very clever!)
The town of Hoi An was stunning and there was no shortage of photo opportunities.
The ceremony and reception was all held at the Hoi An Beach Resort and for dinner, Dan & Sarah organised for some local chefs to cook a traditional Vietnamese dish called Cao lầu (more specifically it can only be found in the town of Hoi An).
There’s so much more I could tell you about this wedding and how incredible it was, but I won’t.
I want you to experience it through the photos.
I will, however, tell you that these two are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet. The fact they had 64 people travel to Vietnam for their wedding is a true testament of their character and friendship. 
Reidy & Roachy, I have never seen you happier than you were on your wedding day. Chris and I loved being with you for every step of the planning and the day, and I hope our photos do this incredible place, and the two of you, justice.
We really did have the time of our lives.

Dan & Sarah's Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony/Reception/Accommodation: Hoi An Beach Resort
Dress: Gwendolynne
Guys shirts/shorts/pants/shoes and Girls dresses/shoes: Made at Toan's Cloth Shop, Hoi An.

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  1. OMG! I have just teared up and smiled throughout that! Sigh. Amazing. Love your work Vez.