Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Their World | Stacey & Adam

This wedding was all about family. And fun.

Stacey & Adam wanted their gorgeous little girl Abby to be a big part of their day and the wedding was almost as much about her as it was about them.

Under an overcast sky, their world came together.

The setting was one of my favourite venues, Truffleduck and everything was just as they wanted it to be.

We laughed for most of the day…. There were some dress ups (I wasn’t allowed in on the joke but the boys loved it!), a curious cat, kids dancing and a giant dog who came to see what all the fuss was about.

These guys are so great together. You know when you meet a couple and just know they’re right? Well, Stacey & Adam are that couple.

A big shout out also, to their families who were absolutely lovely. Every single one of them.

Stacey & Adam, I loved photographing your wedding and hopefully I’ll get to take some more photos of you guys when your fabulous family expands! 

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