Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Most | Melanie & Antonio

The most excited.

The most lovely.

The most thoughtful.

Mel was all of these things.

We met when she booked me AGES ago and we just “got” each other straight away.

We emailed regularly during her planning and I always loved getting her emails. Some were questions, some were “how to’s” but they were always brimming with excitement and humour.

Antonio, I’ve known for a while. He is one of those clever music types who you wish just a little bit of their talent would rub off on you.

He’s one of the good guys. And he got the best, in Mel.

Together, they’re dynamite. Funny, friendly and so in love.

Their wedding was full of all those great things that make a brilliant day… and it was awesome.

Mel & Antonio… Thank you for being so fabulous. Thank you for my incredible present. Thank you for choosing me. 

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  1. Awesome photos Verity! You have captured the feel of the day beautifully! So great to see you too!!