Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Little Things | Ashleigh & Ross

It’s the little things sometimes.

The way they gently squeeze hands when their fingers are laced.

They way she gently rests her hand on his shoulder without thinking.

The way their eyes brighten when they look at each other.

Photographing Ashleigh & Ross’s wedding, I noticed all of these things.

These two are gorgeous people inside and out and their wedding was equally as gorgeous.

Inglewood Estate set the perfect scene for this brilliantly planned wedding from the incredible dress and flowers, to the unique sign at the venue entrance.

There were some regular weather checks in the morning but the sun came out right as Ashleigh arrived at the church and it shone down on us for the rest of the day. It was that soft, yellowy, glowy light every photographer dreams of.

We had a lovely wander around the grounds of Inglewood for photos then headed to the reception. Right after their entrance, I noticed the sunset and well… I just couldn’t resist. The three of us jumped in the car and spent 10 minutes outside. It was calm and quiet. Something you don’t get much of on your wedding day so it was nice for Ash & Ross to spend a little bit of time together. We even found dandelions in the field.

Ash & Ross, like I said to you on your wedding day, I could photograph you two every weekend! I am so lucky you chose me and I hope whatever you wished for comes true. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

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  1. ooo those ones in the grass are amazing. the lighting is beautiful x