Friday, 25 January 2013

Sparkle | Claire & Brock

You can’t help it.

You just have to smile when you meet Claire.

She is one of those people whose whole face lights up when she’s happy. Her eyes even sparkle.

I love those people.

Claire married Brock on a scorching January day in Horsham, Victoria. Normally a 40 degree day would mean a few comments on how hot it was, however, the day before had been 44 degrees, which made their wedding day quite pleasant in comparison!

After their ceremony, we made a special trip to the hospital to visit Claire’s Grandmother who had not been well. Judging by her reaction, it’s fair to say Claire & Brock brightened her day.

Another thing I have to mention is her wedding theme. Usually it’s modern, vintage, casual etc but Claire chose sprinkles! How good is that?!

It was based around her incredible cake (which was of course, covered in sprinkles) and was evident in her brightly coloured bouquet of paper flowers (a very talented lady on Etsy made them all), the multicoloured havaianas provided for their guests and the pom poms decorating the reception. It was so gorgeously colourful!

Claire & Brock, you two are just perfect together.  Thankyou for being so ridiculously awesome and for having some of the best family and friends EVER! I can’t wait to catch up with you again!


  1. Every time I view an album of yours I am in awe of your amazing talent. You always make me smile and always bring a tear the emotion you capture is truly a gift. Well done AGAIN xx

  2. You captured a girl that does sparkle. Congrats again Claire and Brock, your photographer captured your spirit.