Thursday, 14 March 2013

Summer Sun | Carla & Jamie

Best speech ever.

And to think he almost lost it!

When Jamie was delivering his perfectly written and organised speech, he came to the most important part (talking about his new wife) and the pages had disappeared.

Guests scrambled to search jacket pockets, bags and under the tables.

He was going to try and ad lib but eventually he persisted and found the precious pages and boy was it worth it!

I wish I could tell you everything he said but those amazing words were only for his wife Carla and the room full of special people at their wedding.

Carla & Jamie tied to knot at the Melbourne Museum on a hot Summer's day but despite the heat Carla & Jamie couldn't be distracted and didn't take their eyes off each other the whole time.

These two are no doubt the best of friends and because of that, they were great to photograph!

One thing I will share about Jamie's speech is he thinks he's "batting above his average" with Carla. Well Jamie... you are without a doubt, a great guy who deserves such a great girl!

Carla... I hope you had the best time on your surprise honeymoon and thanks to both of you for choosing me as your photographer. I loved every minute!

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  1. I'm the bigger, more handsome brother that one the quiz at the reception, Carla directed me to these photos tonight, and I just want to say that you were a wonderful addition to a fantastic day, and your photos truly captured everything that was great about the special occasion that it was. Thank you for all that you did for Carla and Jamie and everyone else, and keep up the good work! :)

    Michael Gallichio