Friday, 17 May 2013

A few exciting things...

It's been a little quite on this blog over the last few months and that's for very exciting reasons!

You see... it's time to change some things I've been wanting to within the Ginger & Mint Photography brand.

There's a new logo, new website and new albums on their way which I am BURSTING about but today, I wanted to share some photos of the new albums.

They're the creative masterpieces of Vision Art and they are exactly what I've been looking for for ages!

When I got my wedding album five years ago, the options were either big, heavy albums from album companies or the online flimsy version. I went with the big, heavy one because I thought it would last longer. And it has. Because it's been in my cupboard since I got it.

These albums are the perfect combo of light and easy to use yet also high quality and super beautiful.

They come with a full photo wrap around cover, matt pages (so there's no gloss to the pages giving them a gorgeous recycled, vintage quality) and I design them with very simple layouts so your album will be more classic.

Can you tell yet how much I love them?!

Oh and the other exciting and time consuming thing that's happening over here is that I'm HAVING A BABY!!!!

We're due on September 25th and I'm loving every minute of being pregnant.

This amazing husband of mine has almost worn a hole in my tops and dresses with all his tummy rubbing. And I couldn't possibly love him any more for it.

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